Did You See the Bacon Soda Taste Test Video?

Happy Monday!

In case you missed it, last week over on Long Story Short with Megan and Wendy, we published a solid week of taste test videos plus a bloopers reel.

We have no idea how one random taste test video morphed into a week-long series. Honestly, we flip back and forth about continuing to make these kinds of videos but then we get emails and tweets from viewers who beg us to try the new limited edition whatever. And I simply can’t resist grabbing a bag of gross-sounding chips or bacon flavored soda. Yes, bacon flavored soda.

Last week’s videos included the Lay’s #DoUsAFlavor chips (those ones fans create and are voted on — we have a CLEAR winner), the very new and very THIN OREO cookies, the limited edition Chips Ahoy! Banana cookies (go home banana chip cookies), IKEA’s new bulk candy, and a bunch of international snacks and candy from MunchPak.com.

Watch the playlist of videos

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I Went to VidCon and All I Got Was A Lousy T-Shirt

Megan and I attended VidCon 2015 last week in Anaheim, CA. It was a no-brainer that we should go since the conference exists for YouTube creators and fans. Plus, we are local so we could both attend without committing to major travel.

But, I went to VidCon and all I got was a t-shirt.


It pains me to write that I didn’t really enjoy the conference because there were definitely moments of fun and laughter and making new friends. But, our intent in going was to learn. VidCon added a new creator track this year and its purpose was to be educational. However, every session we attended turned into a Q&A with a panel of successful YouTubers that satisfied the fans but fell flat for those of us really wanting concrete tips or advice.

Watch our VidCon 2015 Vlog

We ended up attending very few sessions overall.

The highlights were meeting up with our friend Jessi from SHUGGILIPPO.  I throughly enjoyed our hallway chat on day two where she shared advice and her experiences. I also really enjoyed that she got us into a pretty swanky party where we day drank and shared the same air as John Green and Grace Helbig.

I loved meeting Deva from My Life Suckers and Hollie from Baby Gizmo. Both were lovely, transparent and engaging. Megan and I also made a collab video and lunched with Marianne and Julia from HGTV Handmade.

Watch our Green Tea KitKat Taste Test with Marianne & Julia

Will Megan and I attend VidCon 2016? Never say never but for now I’ll just enjoy my new sleep shirt.

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April PopSugar Unboxing on Long Story Short

Megan and I unboxed the April PopSugar Must Have Box earlier this week over on our YouTube channel. Though, it wasn’t until today when our friend Jenny commented that there were so many “That’s What She Said” moments throughout the video that it could be a drinking game.

We couldn’t agree more.

Check out our latest video below.

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How To Apply Lip Balm

We all need help with the simplest things, right? A new series of super simple tutorials starts today over on Long Story Short with Megan and Wendy. We’re tackling how to apply lip balm.

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Be sure to check out these other super simple tutorials from my friends around the internet.

Friends Trivia Throwdown

{This giveaway is now over} Thanks to Netflix for allowing me to be part of their #StreamTeam! They have provided me with a subscription and device to stream content. As always, all opinions are my own. 

It’s a Netflix #StreamTeam/Long Story Short crossover event!

When the entire Friends series debuted on Netflix earlier this month, I KNEW I had to get Megan involved somehow to help promote it. See, Megan is what one might call a super fan. I feel like her love for a Friends rerun is one of the first things I learned about her. She gladly accepted my challenge to quiz her on some of the toughest Friends trivia on the internet.

How do you think she did? Plus, don’t miss out on how to enter to win a 3-month Netflix subscription! All the details are below.

Win a 3-Month Netflix Subscription!



Lovely Starbucks Lovers Taste Testing!

So many exciting things happening over at Long Story Short!

1. Right before the holidays, Megan and I, were contacted by a major brand who wants to work with us! We can’t dish on all the details just yet but let’s just say there will be a few more taste testing videos in our future.

2. We started an Instagram for our channel! Follow us at @MeganAndWendyLSS where we’ll post outtakes and clips the day our videos drop on YouTube. We’ll also have some behind the scenes stuff and photos and whatever else we can think of.

Before I leave you with our latest videos…we are currently soliciting your MOM DILEMMA! This is one of our most popular videos and we love giving our unqualified advice. You can comment below on this post, email meganandwendy@gmail.com, DM me on Twitter or Facebook. All dilemmas are kept anonymous.

Lovely Starbucks Lovers

That’s right…we’re taste testing the Starbucks Clover coffees. The what? Yes, some Starbucks stores have this fancy dancy machine where each cup of coffee is individually brewed. Woah boy…this is for some serious coffee drinkers.

Truth? We recorded this tasting TWICE. First was in Megan’s car after we bought the coffees. It looked straight up like those Sonic commercials which was hilarious. But there was no good place to put the camera which left us both with more chins than we would ever let you see.

Virgin Mules

For New Year’s Eve, Megan and I, mixed up a booze-free “mocktail” Moscow Mule. Full disclosure: we actually like the real thing but it was 11am and we both had school pick up right after we recorded this video. Maybe we need to record a legit happy hour?


Viewer questions for December’s Mom Dilemma included how to handle siblings that are in constant competition and what to do when Grandma showers your kiddo with too many gifts. I noticed Megan edited the part where I subtly suggested the other Grandma should step up her gift game. Just sayin. (I’m joking!)

Holiday Style TAG video!

Scarves, scarves and scarves. And it’s official: I don’t have a neck for scarves.

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RECAP! Thanks for Subscribing!

Last weekend I was out early doing some holiday shopping. I scrolled through my phone and sipped on coffee as I waited for the stores to open at my local outdoor shopping center. As they rushed by, two tween girls excitedly told another early bird that they were there for some sort of meet and greet. Hmm…my interest was piqued so I followed them. Tween girls sure do walk fast. Thankfully a cute puppy dog caught their eye and I was able to catch up. We took a sharp left at the carousel and there back behind Forever 21 was the end of a very long line. The two girls I followed there blended in with every other tween girl. I stood there dumbfounded as I looked for someone my own age that I could approach. Finally, a mom! I asked what the line was for. She told me it was for Bethany Mota. I nodded and replied “the YouTube girl?”

Bethany Mota has 7.8 million YouTube subscribers and it appeared every tween from Orange County was there to meet her.

Megan and I? We’re killing it with 89 subscribers. Eighty-nine.

I texted Megan.

ME: “There is a line of at least 2K people waiting to see Bethany Mota.”
MEGAN: “Sonofab#&@h!”

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This is what you might have missed on Long Story Short!

Target Christmas Haul! Check out all the fun holiday stuff we got from Target

Taste Test! Chocolate Covered Lays Potato Chips. Yep, you read that right.

All About Wendy. Megan gets her revenge on me in this confessions video!

Winter beauty favorites! Makeup and skin care favorites for the season!

See’s Candies Taste Test! All the candies, all the winter candies.

Lots of new videos already recorded! We hope you’ll watch!
Blogging side note: I’m still in my blogging slumber and will be until the end of the year.

RECAP! Fall TV Favorites and Ipsy Reveal!

I think Megan and I broke a record last week. We recorded five videos and three of them were of the taste testing variety. Let me tell you, we’ve had our fill of See’s Candy. Those videos are coming down the pike but here’s what you missed if you aren’t a subscriber.

BTW, that’s a hint. We REALLY would love for you to subscribe.

Fall TV

Megan and I are TV junkies. We’re sharing our new favorites but be warned… most of them have already been canceled. We’re also dishing on our returning favorites including Parenthood, Scandal and Vanderpump Rules. I never laughed so hard as I did recording this episode.

November IPSY reveal

We both receive the monthly subscription bag from Ipsy. In this video, we share what we each received. Megan is a huge cheater and looks online to see what is expected, so she had a pretty good idea of what was in her bag. I was pleasantly surprised to see we had very different bags. I think I won this month…with the exception of the “preventative aging” lotion. Ipsy apparently knows I’m turning 40 next year.

I’m finally liking the foundation I’m using on video days. Except, the more I watch, the more I’m convinced I need a little Botox. #ThisIs39

RECAP! Gobble, Gobble and 99 Mom Problems

Yesterday was the first Thursday in a lot of weeks that Megan and I didn’t get together to record videos for Long Story Short. But, the ideas keep coming and the subject list keeps growing so we’ll have a lot to work on next week when we get together.

RECAP! This is what you missed if you aren’t a Long Story Short subscriber on YouTube!


On Monday, Megan and I talked turkey. We each answered ten questions about Thanksgiving in yet another TAG video. A friend asked me last weekend what a TAG video is and basically it just means that we’re supposed to “tag” someone else in hopes they’ll answer the same questions. I guess it’s like a YouTube thing or something. Anyway, watch here and tell me what you think I told Megan we had to cut out! Did she actually cut it or leave it in?

99 Mom Problems

Well, not really 99 problems but we got TWO! Two viewers left us their mom dilemmas and we dished our very best and totally unqualified advice on the respective matters. First up was a question about how to get a picky eater to eat without getting railroaded. Megan has all the answers here because…well, my kid is a good eater. The second question was if you should stand up to your Mother-In-Law over discipline or lose you shit to your husband because it’s his mom and therefore his problem to handle. Eek… that one was sticky!

We’d love for you to submit your mom dilemma! We’ll be recording another round in the coming weeks and could possibly make this a recurring series if the questions keep coming in! Email to meganandwendy@gmail.com or tweet us at @mamabub or @wendy_nielsen!

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If you click over this morning, you’ll find Megan and I taste testing another See’s Candies product. Jesus, you’d think they were paying us…but they aren’t. We do this stuff for free.

Final notes: I’m still on my short blogging and social media hiatus though I’ve been writing the most awesome blog posts — in my head — and hope they’ll make it here in the coming weeks.

RECAP! This Week on Long Story Short

Megan and I have been cranking out videos for our YouTube channel, Long Story Short.

In fact, we recorded four new ones earlier this week and Megan declared that we were “on point” followed by a string of hand clapping and festive party hat emojis. Of course this was all via text because real life hand clapping and party hats would just be ridiculous! Ridiculously awesome.

Sparkling Water Taste Test

Taste test videos might be our favorites to record. No brand is ever going to want to work with us because we simply cannot fake our way through these things.

Anyway, in this video we try Target’s Simply Balanced line of sparkling waters. We both have used carbonated water as a crutch to quit soda — and it works. But let me tell you…skip the Simply Balanced blueberry water because it smells like dirty socks.

A side note: my makeup is hideous in this video. If only one can put an Instagram filter on a YouTube video. Or, if I could get my face professionally made up. Or, if I could learn how to do my own makeup. Or, well…you get it.


From some corner of the internet, some yahoo made up a very long list of questions Megan and I felt compelled to answer. Settle in because this video is a long one even though we try to keep up a rapid fire pace. But really? No one needs to see me recite my favorite quote that Megan thinks should be embroidered on a pillow. A very big pillow. Like one of those body pillows.

A new video is up today too! It’s all about Thanksgiving and we’re talking turkey…well, we’re mostly talking about sides. And by sides we mean you better not be serving up green bean casserole.

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A quick blogging note…things will be a little quiet here on the blog during November and December with the exception of Long Story Short recaps and videos and previous sponsored commitments. There might be a random post here or there but for the most part this mama is on a short hiatus.