Old School Blogging

I have a confession: I sometimes like participating in blogging memes.

I saw two in my Facebook feed this morning and then a third this afternoon.  I might be in meme overload by the time I’m done but what the heck.  Memes remind me when I first started blogging; a time when I was trying to figure out my niche and wondered who the hell was even going to read my blog.  Old school.

Which brings me to The Miss Elaine-ous Life.  She hosts a monthly meme called Old School Blogging and for June we’re supposed to follow the alphabet in this meme.  Just for fun.

Alphabet Meme

A.  Attached or single?  Attached.  12 years next month.

B.  Best friend?  The husband.


C.  Cake or pie?  Cake.  With lemon meringue pie in close second.

D. Day of choice?  The one when I’m told “There is no evidence of disease.”

E. Essential item?  I want to say lip balm or hand lotion but really… it’s my iPhone.

F.  Favorite color?  Purple.

G. Gummy bears or worms?  I recently ate a shit ton of gummy bears and still remember the stomach ache so neither.

H.  Hometown?  I grew up in Anaheim.

I.  Favorite indulgence?  A pedicure with an extra long foot massage and a trashy tabloid in hand.

J.  January or July?  January because it’s the month my daughter was born!

K.  Kids?  Just one little girl who happens to be graduating from preschool next week.  Hold me.


L.  Life isn’t complete without?  Friends, family, pets, good food, and great music.

M.  Marriage date?  July 7th

N.  Numbers of brothers & sisters?  2 brothers, 1 sister.

O.  Oranges or apples?  Oranges

P.  Phobias?  Flying

Q.  Quote?  “When a task is once begun, never leave it until it’s done.  Be the labor, great or small, do it well or not at all.”

R.  Reason to smile?  I don’t think I need one.  I like to think I’m always smiling.

S.  Season of choice?  Spring.

T.  Tag 5 people:  I don’t expect anyone to do this but tagging Megan, Erica, Amber, Jessica, and Ashley.

U.  Unknown fact about me: I used to love reading and analyzing Greek tragedies.  #nerd

V.  Vegetable: Beets

W.  Worst habit?  Procrastination

X.  X-Ray or ultrasound?  Ultrasound.  Lord knows I’ve had a ton of radiation.

Y.  Your favorite food?  I’m not really picky.

Z.  Zodiac sign?  Pisces

Ok, one meme down.  Tell me – what’s your sign?