Top 5 Crime Dramas and a Netflix Giveaway!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW OVER. Thanks to Netflix for allowing me to be part of their #StreamTeam! Without their generosity, this awesome giveaway wouldn’t be possible! As always, all opinions are my own.

Did you catch the final episode of Serial? If you have NO IDEA what I’m talking about, I command you to download the podcast app on your iPhone and search Serial Podcast. You’ll find 12 weeks of I-CAN’T-GET-ENOUGH storytelling about a man serving a life sentence for a murder he may or may not have committed. It’s true crime perfection — if you’re into that sort of thing.

If you did listen, and if you’re anything like me, you might be looking to fill that serialized crime drama need you’re having. Lucky for you, I have a list of my TOP five favorite crime mysteries that you can binge into until Serial returns in 2015. PLUS I have a GREAT Netflix giveaway that will get you streaming all year long!

Top 5 NETFLIX Crime Drama Series

1. The Killing

A friend recommended this series by saying it’s a “terrible title but a great show” and I agree. The series follows two Seattle detectives as they investigate the homicides. The series originally aired on AMC but was canceled after season two. AMC picked up the series again after a deal with Netflix and aired season three. Season four – the final season – aired exclusively on Netflix. I’m currently mid season three and it’s taken a very dark turn from seasons one and two. This is good stuff and I hate that it’s only a total of 44 episodes.

2. The Following

The Following stars Kevin Bacon as an ex-FBI agent who is trying to recapture a serial killer who has been released from prison and now has a cult of like minded lemmings out in the world doing equally horrible things. Seasons one and two are available on to stream on Netflix while season three is scheduled for March 2015 on FOX.

3. Damages

Damages is an Emmy Award winning series starring Glenn Close, Ted Danson and Rose Byrne. Damages originally aired on FX and then on DirectTV for five seasons. Admittedly, I only watched season one back in 2007 but it was phenomenal, especially the timeline of how the season unfolds. All 58 episodes are available and I’ll be diving in again after I finish The Killing.

4. Dexter

Eight seasons, nominated for 23 Emmy Awards, Michael C. Hall. I mean, do I need to say anymore?

5. Happy Valley

Happy Valley is a British drama that originally aired on BBC One earlier this year. The story is about Catherine – a police sergeant and mother – who is dealing with the suicide of her daughter. Convinced her daughter’s rapist was the reason for the suicide, she becomes obsessed with investigating him and learns he’s involved with kidnapping. This show gets lots of praise for being gritty but unfortunately we have to wait until 2015 for season two.


Netflix giveaway 2015


Tell me in the comments below what series you’ll be watching (it doesn’t have to be a crime drama series, it could be all 10 seasons of Friends or the all-new original All Hail King Julien). I’ll pick ONE winner randomly!

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Fan Favorite Duos

It’s no secret that I love reality TV. I definitely have some favorites in unscripted television but the never-ending arguments, crumbling marriages, scheming and backstabbing can make one lose some serious faith in humanity. A lot of times I’m left craving a little camaraderie. Friendships like those between Laverne and Shirley or Lorelei and Rory. Or those classic buddy moments from Joey and Chandler or Zack and Screech. Great friendships make for great television, don’t you think?

I asked a group of friends for their favorite duos in cartoons, television and movies. We created a pretty extensive list from all genres — and let me tell you, there are some really great duos that you’ve probably forgotten about. It was hard to get to these great eight from Netflix but I am thrilled with these selections!

A fun bracket to determine fan favorite duos in cartoons, television and movies available to stream on Netflix. #StreamTeam

Tell me what you think? Help me finish out this bracket to determine the very best Netflix duo!

CARTOON: Bert & Ernie vs. Scooby and Shaggy

TELEVISION DUO: Scully and Mulder from X-Files vs. Schmidt and Nick from New Girl

MOVIE DUO (FEMALE): Cher and Dionne in Clueless vs. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in The Heat

MOVIE DUO (MALE): Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in Zoolander vs. Will Smith and Kevin James in Hitch

Thanks to Netflix for choosing me to be part of their #StreamTeam! Netflix has provided me with a subscription and device to stream content like all of the great titles above!

Favorite Netflix Shows to Watch During Chemo

I am so stoked to be part of the Netflix #StreamTeam! I learned last month that I was hand selected to join their exclusive blogger network to help share the awesomeness that is Netflix. Disclosure: Netflix provided me with a device and a year long subscription to stream content. All opinions are 100% my own.

This month on the blog we’ve talked a lot about breast cancer and it’s been an awesome month of takeaways despite the heavy subject matter. While October has historically been a difficult month for me because it marks the anniversary of my own cancer diagnosis, I do rejoice in the milestones it brings. On October 23, I checked off another year of being disease free and I am feeling extremely grateful for my health!

So to keep with the theme of my 2014 October breast cancer series (best tips and advice from survivors), I asked my friends in the cancer community (and those who just really like great television, too!) to tell me the absolute best television series to stream during those long hours receiving chemotherapy.

Need some suggestions on what to watch during those long hours of chemotherapy? Check out this list of my favorite series available to stream on Netflix.

Back in 2008, my oncologist’s office didn’t have wifi so I was streaming zero things. I read magazines and listened to music until I dozed off from the Benadryl. But there is something great about falling asleep to the lull of conversation and banter, don’t you think?

Favorite Series To Stream on Netflix During Chemotherapy

Once Upon a Time
Arrested Development
Sons of Anarchy
The Tudors
The West Wing
Call the Midwife
The Office

Need some suggestions on what to watch during those long hours of chemotherapy? Check out this list of my favorite series available to stream on Netflix.
30 Rock
Parks and Recreation

Need some suggestions on what to watch during those long hours of chemotherapy? Check out this list of my favorite series available to stream on Netflix.
Pretty Little Liars
One Tree Hill
Gilmore Girls
Freaks and Geeks
CSI: Miami and New York
Criminal Minds

The following list of shows contain cancer story lines which always isn’t the best idea when you’re trying to escape reality. However, these series are excellent!

Brothers and Sisters

Need some suggestions on what to watch during those long hours of chemotherapy? Check out this list of my favorite series available to stream on Netflix.
Breaking Bad
Desperate Housewives
Sex and the City

Several of these series have multiple seasons so there are plenty of episodes to watch during those long chemo sessions.

So tell me, what’s missing from this list? More comedy? More mystery or thrills? How about shows like House Hunters? I personally like something suspenseful with a cliffhanger that will make me want to watch the next ep, like, immediately. My top choice from the list above? Pretty Little Liars. Trust me.