Professional Head Shots by Dez & Tam

A few weeks back I totally stepped out of my comfort zone and posed for some new professional head shots taken by the charming Desi Mendoza of Dez & Tam Photography. It was clear Desi has a passion for his craft. He was excited to be there and full of ideas, always easy-going, and gave great direction to the models (*ahem* me) who were obviously not accustomed to having their picture taken! My new pal Sharon from Cupcakes and Cutlery somehow wiggled her way out of having her own photos done and stepped behind the lens too when she wasn’t busy scouting a new location, breaking through spider webs, or making us laugh with a little tap dance.

I was also joined that day by Lauren from A Fabulous Fete and Kristin from Meringue Bake Shop. These girls made the shoot extra fun because we were all very nervous and once it was realized we all felt the same way, we let our guards down a bit and really worked it for the camera! Or something like that.

Call Sheet


Dez & Tam Photography are offering a fantastic deal right now for those of you looking to get an awesome family photo for your holiday card! For $150 you will get a 30-minute session (up to 5 family members) and 5-10 digital images. Don’t pass up this deal! Contact Desi or Tam immediately to schedule a session!

I can’t wait to see what else Desi got from us that day! I’ll be sure to share with you after I get my own look-see!

Surfer Betty teaches Yoga?

I love the original “Beverly Hills, 90210.” I’ll never forget flipping channels the night of October 4, 1990 and I stopped on this teenage dream of a show that is still a guilty pleasure.

So, today I had a minor freak out at the gym when I realized I was in the presence of an original 90210 alum!

Wait…it wasn’t Tori or Shannen so don’t get too excited, friends.

I was hanging out in front of studio one waiting for some booty-buster class to finish and I catch a glance at the face of this woman approaching the waiting area. Hmm…she looks familiar but from where, I wondered. I have a crappy memory and always think I went to high school with someone before realizing who they really are. Anyway, another woman starts chatting her up and then I hear her distinct voice.

OMG!! She is “Surfer Betty” from the 1990 episode called “The Green Room.” You know the one, Dylan was trying to teach Brandon how to surf and Sarah (or “Surfer Betty” as the loser surfer dudes called her) almost drowned because she had been drinking beer on the beach and surfing. Of course, Brandon rescues her and all is wonderful again. She was also in a 1992 episode called “Cardio-Funk” (horrible thong aerobic outfits in this episode too, ew) where Sarah and Dylan meet again at an A.A. meeting and she’s having some trouble staying clean so he helps her out but ends up making the moves on him which really throws Brenda into a jealous fit. Sounding familiar?

And now she’s sitting next to me and I’m having a tiny panic attack. I’m seriously that much of a dork.

Finally, booty-bonanza lets out and we file in to get our downward dog on and HOLY WHAT??? Surfer Betty is the instructor?

She introduces herself to the class as Heather and explains why she hasn’t been teaching the class for a while because she just got married…yada, yada.

I was eagerly waiting for her to say something about being lip-to-lip with both Jason Priestley and Luke Perry but nothing of the sort came up. The only thing that was even a remote mention of 90210 was when she was demonstrating a pose and she likened it to surfing. *sigh*

Heather McAdam

After class – actually, while I sat in my car Googling from my iPhone – I found that she is indeed a certified yoga instructor and lives here in Orange County. It doesn’t look like she’s acted in some time (like, the late 90’s) but damn, teaching yoga is doing wonders for her!

The crazy thing is that this isn’t the first time I’ve been in the vicinity of someone from the original Hills. When I was in college, the girl who played the younger version of Erica (Dylan’s sort-of half-sister but not really) took a chemistry class with me. Freaky!

Have you ever randomly shared space with a celebrity of sorts? Did you tell them how much you loved or hated them? Do tell.

photo source here and here

Orange County Love: The OC Mart Mix

A few weekends ago we headed out in search of some new bar stools for the kitchen and headed over to the So Co Collection.  The visit was a bust in terms of bar stools but it actually turned into a lovely afternoon at the O.C. Mart Mix.  This place reminds me so much of the Ferry Building in San Francisco – a bunch of eclectic boutique-type stores and food shops under one roof.  It’s industrial and compartmentalized but it has a very cool vibe and makes me want to spend all afternoon browsing.

I was a little bummed because we had been there once before after the holidays and several spots – including a women’s vintage clothing store and an off beat sports collection store – were now gone.  This could be a bad sign.  Also, the place was kind of dead this particular Saturday afternoon.  Another bad sign.

With that said, I want to share with you some of my finds and maybe you’ll head on over there yourself if you’re local to Orange County.

A strongest coffee found at the O.C. Mart Mix is from the Portola Coffee Lab.  How sweet is the silver tray it’s served on?  And the sparkling water was to cleanse the palate.  Truth?  Way too strong for this girl.  But this place is a coffee-snob’s heaven and I certainly appreciate all the fun coffee techniques they offer.

Gatehouse and The Paper House were two favorite shopping spots.  Adorable accessories for the home at Gatehouse.  I wanted that burlap “in love” pillow but it was nearly $150 and I’m sure I’ve seen a burlap-pillow tutorial online!  Cards and stationary speak to me.  One might call me obsessed.  I just feel like a personal note or card is becoming a lost art form these days.  There’s nothing like getting a card in the mail, am I wrong?

The We Olive and Wine bar – this place is almost identical to what you’d find in San Francisco.  I couldn’t resist tasting a few of the different olive oils they had and ended up coming home with a lemon flavored olive oil and yummy balsamic vinegar.  Delicious.  Better, they offer oil and wine tastings here.  I’m thinking this is a nice spot for a social meeting, first date or a mellow girl’s night out.

I know the So Co Collection has the ever-popular food trucks on site but it looked like the Lime Truck had a permanent residence.  With the truck parked outside the Mix customers can take their plates inside to a dedicated Lime Truck resting spot – plenty of tables, chairs, and shade to enjoy the carnitas fries (yes, delicious).

It was closed on the weekend, but there is also a kid’s (probably more tween/teen than toddler) sewing school.  It looked like a mini Project Runway workroom.  I wish they offered classes for adults!

Don’t be afraid to pull off the 405 freeway at the Harbor exit and venture into the So Co Collection.  They also have a TPT Home which has the absolute best holiday decorations around and for incredibly reasonable prices!  But, be sure to check when they are open!  I know TPT Home is closed on Sundays and the O.C. Mart Mix has ever-changing hours.

Have you been to the Mix?  Feel like browsing with me?

I was not compensated to write this post.  I’m simply a fan.


We Definitely Got Our Fair Share

It’s here! One weekend it’s the swap meet and the next it’s a parking lot turned carnival! The Orange County Fair is in town and we always make a point to go — even if it’s just for our annual photo strip from the photo booth. Somehow we always manage to stop for bratwursts and the deep fried summer du jour.


This time around the fair has made a mint off our family. It’s the first year we ever had to play games and ride rides with a toddler in tow. And the girl wants one of those cheap stuffed animals like it’s no body’s business. We dropped no less than fifty-bucks in ten minutes flat on what my FIL calls “rigged” games and a roller coaster ride that left my poor husband with a pinched nerve in his lower back.

I personally like to go for the arts and crafts exhibits. My favorite is the competition exhibits, especially the “table-scapes.” The best ones this year were a themed “Wizard of Oz” table for kids and a “Welcome Home” military heroes table. I secretly want to enter next year! I’ve got an idea brewing already.


This year the exhibits showcased a ton of recycled and sustainable themed displays, too. Put any kind of flowers, vegetable plants, or herbs in a wooden wine box or piano, for that matter, and you’ve sold this girl. Swoon.

I also adore seeing the farm animals. Stinky, yes, but so sweet and cute. However, I could have gone without seeing a sign that read “raised for meat” above the pigs. I mean, I know that pulled pork sandwich I bought and ate two aisles over from the barn is from a pig, but ignorance is bliss, right?

Baby chicks, baby cows, baby sheep, baby pigs – oh my!

I thought the same thing while visiting the cows, turkeys, and pigs in the market section of the fair. It really all just bummed me out and I’m actually considering attempting vegetarianism again.

The fair is in town until mid-August and we’re already two visits in with one more planned this week. Does a fair come to your town? What’s your favorite thing about it?