Already Overwhelmed

If you’re anything like me, you were waiting until the 5th to start all those new year resolutions. It only made sense, right? Who wants to start a detox diet on a Thursday? And forget about organizing anything because Christmas still needed to be boxed up.

Well, here we are. Monday, January 5, 2015.

I spent all weekend feeling anxious and overwhelmed about the things I planned to start today. This includes, but it not limited to 1) a 21-day sugar detox 2) a 10K steps walking challenge and 3) a whole house de-clutter program.

I’m not worried about the tasks at hand but I’ve got it so totally stuck in my head that if I don’t do them perfectly from go then I fail.

Perfection. Perfection. Perfection. Argh!

I didn’t have a Paleo-friendly breakfast set for Monday morning so the detox for the day is blown. I didn’t set out my gym clothes so there goes my workout. De-cluttering? The stacks of papers and junk everywhere says “FAT CHANCE!”

I just can’t with this perfection thing anymore. So instead, I am going to focus on progress in 2015.

Join me?