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old-spring-break-photosIt’s Spring Break around these parts which means I am taking a well-deserved time out.

If you are visiting from OC Family – WELCOME!

I hope you’re not too disappointed when you find out that 1) I am not a party blogger and 2) I really don’t have it all together.  Barely treading water here, folks.  I think that makes me far more relatable, don’t you think?

So come check out what I’ve got to offer!

Take a look at my About Me page to learn more, well…about me.

Yes, I am a breast cancer survivor.  I was 33 years old when I was diagnosed and I will celebrate the 5th anniversary of being cancer-free this October!  Learn more about my specific diagnosis on my Cancer and Me page.

I am a fervent advocate for breast cancer research and work to support other young women dealing with the disease.  Be sure to check out the Breast Cancer 101 tab where you can read any of my breast cancer specific posts.

I’m not all-cancer-all-the-time.  I write about what interests me.  Here are some links to a couple of popular posts as well as a few personal favorites.  Maybe something might pique your own interest!

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I truly hope you find something that keeps you coming back for more.  See you soon!


The Season Brings Mixed Emotions

This post has appeared on the blog several times over the years.  The season still brings many mixed emotions with some even calling it “post traumatic stress disorder.”   I’m glad that we’re almost done with October and now it’s time for the annual digging in of the heels as the holidays approach.  Enjoy.


Fall brings mixed feelings for this girl.

I get why everyone loves the season because I used to love it too.

As a child and young teenage, I looked forward to going back to school because I has always hoped the new year would be somehow different than the previous.  I secretly also wanted my friends and I to break out into song on the school steps wearing our black Ray Bans like Michelle Pfeiffer did in Grease 2.  Yes, I might have been a dork.

As an adult, I longed for the glowing sunlight on a late September afternoon.  Nothing beats sitting out on your front porch basking in that last hour of light before the sun drops into the ocean.  I adored Halloween too, always taking great pride in decorating our home for the holiday — even before we had kids of our own.  Speaking of children, I wished for an October baby so that I could host a ghoulish-themed birthday party like the one I had seen in the movie Hanging Up.joseph-campbell-quote

My love affair with Fall ended though in 2008 when I was diagnosed with cancer.

I was completely blindsided and it crushed my well laid plans. That year was our baby’s year of “firsts” – Halloween (and no, I didn’t get an October baby but instead a January baby and we have rain on her birthday instead of falling leaves – but I digress), Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Those “firsts” went on as planned but it was definitely not what I had dreamt them up to be.

And here three years later, Labor Day behind us, and headed back into the season that changed me. It stirs up feelings I would rather just forget. I can’t help but look at the calendar and see October 15 as the day I was diagnosed, or October 23 as the day I had a 5 cm cancerous tumor removed from my left breast, or November 20 as the day nurse Rita injected two different chemotherapy drugs into my veins.

I hate that I haven’t been able to move on or forget just a little.

I desperately want to crawl under my blankets on those anniversaries but doesn’t that mean that cancer wins a little bit?  I can’t allow that.  So, this year I will look forward to the Fall like I used to. I will unpack those cute decorations, I will throw a ghoulish Halloween party for the little one, I will bask in the afternoon sun, and maybe I’ll even watch Grease 2 for old time’s sake.

This Girl Needs a Break

I’ve been moving at a pretty brisk pace this month here on the blog and in real life.  October has been busy and this girl needs a break.  Good thing I’m the boss, right?

We kicked off the month with my snarky feelings toward all things pink in I’m Already Over Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I recapped the fabulous weekend getaway with my girls from The Trend Tribe in two parts: here and here.  And I celebrated my four year cancerversary with a fun Essie Nail Polish giveaway.  Congratulations to Erica, Andrea, and Carolyn!  Your trio of nail polishes from Essie’s 2012 Breast Cancer Awareness collection are in the mail.

So, you’re wondering what I’ve got planned for the week?  Well, I definitely need to catch up on a few episodes of Homeland.  I’ve got a list of books I’ve been meaning to read, including Catching Fire and Fifty Shades of Darker.  And, there’s a new People magazine sitting besides me and I’m really not too sure about Jessica Biel’s decision to choose a pink wedding dress. Let’s discuss.

This week also marks the final week of the “Let’s Get Physical” weight loss challenge.  Oh yeah, remember that?  This time around has been a little bit more difficult for the participants.  I think it has to do with the time of the year.  I crapped out again.  Shocker, right?  So, this also means that my ass needs to get back into the gym this week because I’ve got a trainer ready to kick said ass.

I will be back with new content on Monday, November 5th.  But, that doesn’t mean I won’t have anything here for you this week.  I’ll be posting a few favorites from the past and hopefully it’s worthy enough to share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Until the 5th my friends.