Blogging Conferences & Cartwheels

I spent last weekend in Phoenix at the SITS Bloggy Boot Camp blogging conference.  Ok, yeah…so right now you either have a crinkled up nose and are questioning why the heck I’d spend a weekend locked up in a hotel ballroom talking about blogging.  Or, you’re like “Hell yeah!  Tell me what you learned!”  My blogging peeps get it.  They get that it’s socially acceptable in that space to look at your phone while someone is talking.  They get that we can talk hours on end about tweeting and blog comments and how Facebook is like a bad boy we can’t dump.  It doesn’t matter if they are a DIY craft blogger, a mom blogger, or a fitness blogger – we all have the same goals:  like how the heck to use Google+.

There were a ton of takeaways from last weekend’s conference.  I mean, huge.  Life changing.  Cartwheels.



Yes, cartwheels.

This came at the end of day two.  Tiffany Romero – the founder of SITS – was doing a presentation with Danielle Smith from Extraordinary Mommy about how to keep it together while pursuing your passions.  I was zoned in.  Tiffany told a story about her husband, a trip to Hawaii, and cartwheels.  I can’t remember the specifics of her story but I remember cartwheels.

My friend Erica from No Sleep ‘Til College calls me a cheerleader.  She’s right.  I’ll hoot and holler because I want you to succeed.  I’ll gladly turn cartwheels for my friends because I love and adore and respect what they do.

I realized as Tiffany and Danielle wrapped their session that I need more people in my life who will turn cartwheels for me.  Luckily, I found them…right there, locked up in a hotel ballroom, in Phoenix.