Lovely Starbucks Lovers Taste Testing!

So many exciting things happening over at Long Story Short!

1. Right before the holidays, Megan and I, were contacted by a major brand who wants to work with us! We can’t dish on all the details just yet but let’s just say there will be a few more taste testing videos in our future.

2. We started an Instagram for our channel! Follow us at @MeganAndWendyLSS where we’ll post outtakes and clips the day our videos drop on YouTube. We’ll also have some behind the scenes stuff and photos and whatever else we can think of.

Before I leave you with our latest videos…we are currently soliciting your MOM DILEMMA! This is one of our most popular videos and we love giving our unqualified advice. You can comment below on this post, email, DM me on Twitter or Facebook. All dilemmas are kept anonymous.

Lovely Starbucks Lovers

That’s right…we’re taste testing the Starbucks Clover coffees. The what? Yes, some Starbucks stores have this fancy dancy machine where each cup of coffee is individually brewed. Woah boy…this is for some serious coffee drinkers.

Truth? We recorded this tasting TWICE. First was in Megan’s car after we bought the coffees. It looked straight up like those Sonic commercials which was hilarious. But there was no good place to put the camera which left us both with more chins than we would ever let you see.

Virgin Mules

For New Year’s Eve, Megan and I, mixed up a booze-free “mocktail” Moscow Mule. Full disclosure: we actually like the real thing but it was 11am and we both had school pick up right after we recorded this video. Maybe we need to record a legit happy hour?


Viewer questions for December’s Mom Dilemma included how to handle siblings that are in constant competition and what to do when Grandma showers your kiddo with too many gifts. I noticed Megan edited the part where I subtly suggested the other Grandma should step up her gift game. Just sayin. (I’m joking!)

Holiday Style TAG video!

Scarves, scarves and scarves. And it’s official: I don’t have a neck for scarves.

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Weekly Chatter: Time To Stop Wilting

Didn’t I just write one of these? Will I ever write anything else besides these weekly brain dumps?

Let’s jump in.


This week kicked off with me wallowing. I had just wrapped up a pretty successful event the day before and I was beating myself up about what I wished I would have done differently. I knew I would be pushed beyond my comfort zone. In a complete panic, I threw most of the speaking responsibilities onto my co-host. In typical Wendy fashion, I stepped back out of the frame and wilted into the wallpaper. I’m tired of being that girl. I shared my disappointment with a friend on Monday morning and she told me “Don’t let yourself get put in a place if it’s not where you want to be.” But, I put myself there. I need to figure out how to stop doing that.

I dropped into Starbucks during the week for an iced coffee. I don’t like this particular location I went to; it’s small and awkwardly set up but mostly because I don’t like the staff. One guy makes me incredibly uncomfortable and he’s always there. He reminds me of the boys in high school who were loud and made fun of everyone else. I walked in as he shouted “OPRAH IN THE 80’s ON THE BAR!” — I figured he meant the new Oprah branded chai tea but I didn’t really get his joke. Someone else didn’t either because he then said “Oprah Grande” and I got his dumb joke. Chuckles all around, dude.

By the way…have you tried the Oprah Chai Tea? Order the iced version next time you go. Delicious.


Speaking of Oprah. I caught my first episode of Super Soul Sunday because it featured this short featuring Hollye Jacobs who wrote the NY Times best selling book The Silver Linings about her experience with breast cancer. It’s the book I wish I would have written myself. But, I’ve got something up my sleeve. I just need to act on it.

Speaking of books. My daughter was home sick from school on Friday and by Saturday afternoon this mama had some serious cabin fever. A trip to Target was in order and I was on a mission to grab It’s All Good by Gwyneth Paltrow. Why? Well, I’ve found myself having a paradigm shift about food. Plus, I’ve been following Andrea Howe (@gwynethmademedoit on Instagram) and have found her quest to to cook creatively with real, whole foods totally inspirational.

Speaking of food. I finally watched the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead while the little one slept the day away on Friday. I’ve done a 3-day juice cleanse and it’s not that easy. Joe Cross did it for 60 days. I’m not crazy enough to attempt even a 10-day cleanse but I am open to adding more juice to my diet. It was so interesting to learn about micronutrients and what they can do for the body. Got any good green juice recipes to share?

Five things I’m currently excited about:

1. Parenthood was renewed for its final season! So, boo for it being the final season. But, yay for one more!

2. I tore through the Jason Priestly memoir over the weekend. It was heads and tails better than the Jennie Garth memoir; well written and the time line was accurate! 90210 fans will not be disappointed. I’m thinking my review of the book needs a stand alone blog post…maybe later this week!


3. Both Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark of Slumber Party with Alie and Georgia commented on my IG post this week. I love, love, love their podcast and would totally go to the No Kid Hungry event, if I didn’t already have plans on June 1st.

4. Have you seen the extra long commercial for the movie The Fault in Our Stars? I loved that book so much and cried my eyes out when I finished it. Who wants to cry some more with me when it opens on June 6th?

5. New car = Sirius Radio = Howard Stern. Reunited after all these years. It’s been a long time since I listened regularly. I was an early adopter of Sirius Radio when Howard moved from terrestrial radio. But life happened and I haven’t been able to listen in a long time. I was shocked to hear Mary Ann still calls in everyday.

Still working on tons of new content including that friendship post and my thoughts on anonymous blog comments…all coming soon! Thanks for hanging.



New York City BlogHer ’12 Photo Recap

August 2 – 4, 2012. New York City. BlogHer.  Photo recap.

I still can’t believe I flew across country for a blogging conference!  The trip was fast and furious.  The conference was so-so.  The city far exceeded my expectations.


I flew direct from Long Beach to New York on jetBlue.  I was so pleased with jetBlue and their customer service! A lot of friends had flights canceled on the way home due to rain.  We were luckily just delayed.  You’ll see more photos of “BlogHer Tarmac” later this week.


We got into the city very early – like 6:00 am early – and before a rain storm hit!  I traveled with a couple other bloggers and we camped out in the Hilton lobby until I dragged my butt across the street to Starbucks for a much needed coffee.


Yes, New York bagels are pretty much awesome.  I really don’t understand why we can’t get those on the West Coast.  That early morning before the BlogHer chaos began was one of the highlights of the trip.  I sat on the steps outside Starbucks and took in the sights and sounds of the city.  I typed out a few notes on my iPhone to remember the moment.  “The streets are jammed with yellow cabs, skyscrapers, construction workers, squeaky brakes, and blaring sirens.  I can see the letters ‘R’ and ‘A’ as I look toward Radio City Music Hall.”  My friends Jessica, Terri, Erin, and Shannon showed up before I got any more wax poetic about the city.


I rode a New York City subway – two times in fact.  First to Greenwich Village for a New York City Food Tour (I’m writing a separate food post for later this week) and again to Little Italy for dinner with friends.  Thank God both times were with someone who knew how to navigate the subway system.  By the way, waiting for the train just about sucks the life out of you.  It’s so hot down there!


Hey, that’s me in Times Square!  I was attending a private party in the Viacom building which overlooks Times Square.  No Carson Daly (MTV’s TRL used to air live from there).  Thanks to Erica for braving the rocks and snapping this photo of me.


Oh yeah, I was there for a blogging conference too.  Unfortunately, these photos don’t really represent the education part of BlogHer.  Yes, that’s me sitting inside a Kohler bathtub.  Kind of Ah-mazing.  I got a sneak preview of Starbuck’s new Verismo system, ogled all the organizational goodies at the Martha Stewart for Staples booth, and asked for “more birthdays” from the American Cancer Society.

I have a bazillion more photos to show you — especially from the food tour!  Take a second to check out my Facebook page to see more photos from New York City!

iPhone Photos | Insta-Friday

I adore Instagram. Download their free app for your iPhone if you haven’t already. Seriously easy to edit photos and share with your Instagram followers, Twitter, Facebook, email…blah, blah. No, this isn’t a sponsored post. Just a fan.

life rearranged

So, for today’s post and Insta-Friday here’s some photos with a bit of snark (sorry, I’m writing this late at night!)

I have about six bottles of purple nail polish. But I could always use another.

Love this Family Rules list. Must have.

And we're all doing the Starbucks happy dance at home again!

This dog used to be so scared of kids...until ours came around. Love.

Stupid neighbors and their blow up Santa in November.

In my day the Speak & Spell rocked. Is this her Speak & Spell?

What my family refers to as "pennies from Heaven."

Again, too damn early for this Christmas holiday crap. Bah-Humbug.

Checking for razor blades. Has anyone EVER found a razor blade in their Halloween candy?

Best movie snack. Ever.

Name this movie.

If I didn't respond to your email, this is why. Mass delete.

On My Radar…

On My Radar this Week



So, you already know my new obsession with the television show Pan Am, right? Well, I also think it would be super fun to dress up as a Pan Am stewardess for Halloween. However, every flight attendant costume I’ve found is more risqué than retro. Does anyone know where I can find a costume like this suitable for a family friendly party?

The Mad Men collection for Banana Republic launched mid summer and is now on sale! Score. I picked up this exact blue frock for the Mad Men themed OC Blogger Bash this Sunday! Chances are someone might be wearing the same dress but I’m going to take my chances.

Have you tried the salted caramel mocha at Starbucks yet? Limited time, folks. So go grab one this weekend. This is how I order it: Grande with two pumps mocha and two pumps toffee and whip. Definitely delectable!

I just pre-ordered a new iPhone 4S this morning to be delivered on my doorstep next Friday. Cannot wait to say goodbye to my special edition 3G with a cracked screen!

Speaking of iPhone…rest in peace, Mr. Jobs. You changed my world.

Next Monday night, Lifetime is premiering a film called Five. It’s about breast cancer so of course I’ll torment myself and watch. Jennifer, Demi, and Alicia directed various parts of the movie.

Deborah Lippmann polish called Yellow Brick Road. Too adorable. But it’s also like $25!

I’m having a Stella and Dot party in early November and I cannot wait! I got that cute arrow necklace at a recent party I attended. You’ll have to come if you are local. Send me a message and I’ll be sure you get an invite! Bring your credit card, ladies!

*Sigh* Foo Fighters. Next Friday night at the Forum in Los Angeles. That’s all.

What’s on your radar? Do tell.