Too Fat for Stitch Fix?

Last week I received my 18th Stitch Fix box. At this rate, some might consider me an optimist and others might call me a glutton for punishment.

Let me back it up here. Stitch Fix is a monthly subscription service where a box of brand new clothes arrives on your doorstep. Inside is filled with pants, shorts or dresses, blouses and knit tops, sweaters or outerwear, and accessories. Their stylists put together your monthly Fix based on a profile created when you sign up. The cost of the service is $20. You keep and pay for any items you like and mail back the other pieces you don’t like. If you hate everything and send it all back, it costs you $20. If you keep anything, the $20 is applied to the purchase.


The Stitch Fix model is fun, effortless shopping for busy women. So many of my friends love the service and rave about the convenience. There is also a lot of complaining on the internet about Stitch Fix, mostly that the price point is too high for brands that can be found at stores like Nordstrom Rack.

My thoughts? I really love when that box arrives. I am always hopeful for what’s inside. Will there be a pair of shorts that don’t make my legs look like tree stumps? How about the perfect pair of distressed denim jeans to replace my beloved ones from the Gap? Or a blouse that will finally make me look put together for mornings at school drop off but that I can also wear to record videos for Long Story Short.

I absolutely love the convenience because I really hate shopping for myself these days. I’d much rather be disappointed in my own home rather than do the walk of shame from the dressing room and field questions like “How’d those work out for you?”

I do agree that the price point on some items can be high. I’m willing to pay a premium for quality clothing, especially denim, but this gal who typically shops at Old Navy and Target chokes on a $70 knit top and $40 necklace. Not to mention, I have purchased items in that price point from Stitch Fix and have found the quality to be on par with the fast fashion from my favorite retail stores.


What does any of this have to do with being too fat for Stitch Fix? Well, over the last 18 months my biggest complaint with the service is that the clothes do not fit. Now, of course a lot of that burden falls on me. If I lost the ten (or 20) pounds I’ve been saying I’m going to lose for the last 7 years, I might actually fit into the pieces they send me. But that aside, I’m really disappointed at the lack of variety they have for women my size.

Real talk here: I am a true size 12 and I typically wear a size large. With some brands, I wear an XL to accommodate my larger chest and long arms. I’m also tall, so I like pants that are long. I’ve fiddled with my Stitch Fix style profile several times and have given tons of feedback to my stylist about selecting brands that aren’t cut so slim or sending pieces that fit my dimensions. And each month, I receive a pair of pants that are too tight and too short and shirts that are too boxy and drapey.

I finally realized I might be too fat for Stitch Fix when I started keeping the accessories from each Fix and sending all the clothes back.


I’ve been dealing with immense feelings of self-hate for many months now. A lot of it has to do with how I feel, how I look physically, and since turning 40, how I am aging. I’ve been trying hard to navigate these rough waters. Part of the internal dialogue is conceding to this is who I am now and the other is screaming NO! YOU ARE NOT THIS PERSON! I certainly try to make changes and then find myself slipping into old habits because I am overcommitted to everything else in life except myself.

This all of course is not any fault of Stitch Fix. Yet, I find myself annoyed at this service that can’t accommodate styling the average size of an American woman.

With that said, I’m going to wrap up today’s blog. I would love if you left me a comment about anything I’ve written here. Are you using Stitch Fix? Tell me about your experience so far and what kind of tips you might have. Where do you shop for clothes (I have another blog post brewing about that dilemma as well)? Also, if you have dealt with similar feelings of self-loathing, I would love your advice on how to break free from it.

Weekly Chatter: Dress Up

Yes, I’m back dating this post because damn it! it will go live on Sunday (even though it’s now Tuesday)!

Welcome to Weekly Chatter! A brain dump of all the things that don’t necessarily fit in a regular old blog post.


Are your kids out of school yet for summer break? We’ve still got several weeks to go and I am counting down the days. Not only because I love the freedom of summer but because this school year has definitely had its ups and downs. I’m not ready to talk here on the blog exactly what that means but I am asking for your suggestions on all things parenting school-aged children. I’m looking for book recommendations on motivating your kids, mother-daughter relationships, how to create successful homework routines, working cooperatively with others, self-esteem issues and peer pressure. Please leave me a comment below!

Speaking of summer. I just hired a sitter to come watch my kid a few hours a week. Believe me, it feels totally pretentious to hire a sitter so that I can go to the gym. So much so that I felt it was necessary to explain to the potential babysitters about my history of cancer and why it was important for me to make the exercise a priority. I am totally aware these are first world problems.

Wednesday was like Christmas around these parts! I received my first Stitch Fix box! Do you know what Stitch Fix is? So, it’s a monthly subscription service where you input all your style likes and dislikes, sizes, preferences, etc. and a stylist from Stitch Fix sends you a box of fashion options! The cost for the styling is $20 – which means, it costs you that for Stitch Fix to pull and mail you five hand picked items (including jewelry). If you hate everything, you mail it back and they keep the $20. If you decide to keep any of it, that $20 is applied towards the total purchase.

Stitch Fix Box

stitch fix

I loved most everything when I opened the box. Inside were two blouses, one knit top, a pair of “straight leg” pants and a pair of hoop earrings. All of it was mostly my style and things I would likely buy myself. Unfortunately, I hated most of it on – for various reasons – but mostly because the blouses and knit top were cut very slim. The straight leg pants were actually skinny and I looked like a penguin in them. Finally, I prefer a more delicate earring. So, it all went back. My next one comes in June sometime…keep your fingers crossed it’s something I will keep! Have you had an Stitch Fix success?

Over the holiday weekend, we drove out to Simi Valley to visit the Ronald Reagan Library and Museum. It was actually pretty fun. But, it’s what we saw the night before while staying at a hotel in Westlake Village is what I want to tell you about. Holy wedding, folks.


This is the view from our room. There were easily 500 seats set up for this wedding that was to start at 8:45 pm. My husband thought I was nuts because I was obsessing over how the petals were in disarray on the aisle. We watched the florist meticulously put the petals in that squiggle formation and within hours – guests, hotel guests, photographers, lighting crews – traipsed up and down the aisle messing up the petals. This former bride would have been pissed if that was my wedding. Also, the aisle was flanked with these beautiful tall candles that were never lit before the ceremony. Ahh…I was freaking out from four floors above.

It was close to 9pm when the music starting blaring as each bridesmaid and groomsmen danced solo to their own individual songs down the aisle. Not to mention, parents, grandparents, ring bearers, flower girls and two ballerinas all got their own song to walk into before the bride finally made it down the aisle. I’m not joking about the ballerinas. They wore Swan Lake like costumes and did pirouettes to Etta James’ At Last. The actual ceremony was all of ten minutes. I was dying to know what the reception looked like if that was the ceremony! No, we didn’t crash.

Shout outs! This is a new thing I ripped off from my favorite podcast Totally Married. I want to give a big thanks to Lisa Marie I. for telling me how much she loved these Weekly Chatter posts and that she turned a friend onto them. Thank you!! xo

Things I love this week:

1. Loving the single Magic from Coldplay’s new album Ghost Stories.

2. My friend Megan’s super adorable Summer Survival Series on her blog Mama Bub! Up first, a homemade playdough recipe.

3. I’m still obsessed with True Tori and last week’s episode was nuts! I was tweeting during last Tuesday’s episode when Tori was having a complete emotional breakdown. I mean, I know it’s a reality show and who knows how much is true but I was feeling just as confused as Dean was when Tori was telling him to DO SOMETHING! I tweeted and this random producer guy responded.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 4.52.25 PM

Are you watching True Tori? Let’s discuss. Do you think these sort of “grand gestures” exist in the real world?

4. Nine lemons in a bowl thanks to Shannon on Real Housewives of Orange County. I’m trying to drum up some good feng shui energy!


5. The Punk Singer. If you have Netflix, definitely download this really great documentary about Kathleen Hanna from Bikini Kill. You’ll love this film if you were a teenager in the early nineties and into the grunge/punk scene at all.

Thanks for hanging and don’t forget those book suggestions!