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My neighbor recently suggested I should fill the two empty urns flanking my front door with succulents. Apparently, the pots filled with dried out dirt weren’t really doing it in terms of curb appeal. I sort of agreed.

I searched Pinterest for how to put together an arrangement of succulents and found some really pretty stuff – including this photo from Better Homes and Gardens. I loved the combination of plants used and that they identified the exact plants to get. I also found this photo which made me laugh hysterically like a 12-year-old boy.

We checked out several garden centers and I found myself totally overwhelmed at the number of succulents available. I couldn’t find the plants BHG suggested – which totally pains me because I wanted that exact look – but bought some that were close enough.


a. Senecio String of Bananas

b. Senecio vitalls

c. Aptenia cordifolia

d. Sedum Gold Moss

e. Hens and Chicks Krebs 2

I didn’t buy the right amount of plants because I feel like things should be grouped in odd numbers and didn’t realize this oversight when I was filling up my cart. Oh well.






I feel sort of meh about the final product and hope that it will fill in a little bit. At the very least, the urns look way better than before.


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