Weekly Chatter: Botox Battle

As I sit down to write this week’s Weekly Chatter, I’m realizing I need to take better notes throughout the week because trying to bang out a post about my week without anything to really write about is a recipe for disaster.

So, let’s get into it. Or at least what I can remember of it.


Monday was a school holiday and it left me wishing summer vacation would hurry up and get here already. I am dreaming of the day where we don’t have a get-up-get-showered-eat-breakfast-pack-lunch-grab-backpack-and-go kind of morning. Here’s the thing, friends. My daughter is a late bird right now. This means, she doesn’t start school until 9:15 am. I can’t even imagine this crazed pace at 7 am. Remember how successful I was at a month of early mornings? Ugh, I better figure something out.

My lovely friend Sara convinced me to sign up for something called Whole Life Challenge. It’s an 8-week lifestyle challenge created by some CrossFit dudes. Look, she lost 22 lbs. in 8 weeks eating nothing but Paleo and exercising. Sold. I have been working with a trainer twice a week and I can definitely feel the changes yet I have a long way to go and you can’t out-exercise a shitty diet. I’m pumped – starts May 3rd.

My daughter’s school had a carnival with a silent auction. Tons and tons of things to bid on. Guess what I wanted most? Botox. I wanted it so badly but so did another lady. She was the very first bid, followed by 3 or 4 others, and then mine. Then hers. Then mine. Hers again. Mine again. I noticed she was hovering, waiting for me to walk away, and then she’d swoop in and outbid me by $10. I finally decided to concede figuring if I wanted Botox so badly that I should just seek it out on my own and not at the school carnival.

9021-OH update! Remember how I told you last week that I was reading Jennie Garth’s memoir? Ok, so yeah…it’s not great but one chapter really spoke to me and might have redeemed the whole book. She told about the demise of her marriage and writes “You need to get shattered to put yourself back together properly. The trick, though, is not to try to glue the pieces back into the same old places and in the same old pattern. The better way is to learn and grow and be brave enough to take on a new shape, a new outlook, a new wisdom.” I just loved this and found it super relatable.

Did you see Tori Spelling’s new docu-series called True Tori? Oh, man. I really felt horrible for her. A little part of me wonders if it’s scripted, especially after I saw this article but my mom heart ached for her. I do love me some Donna Martin. She was lovely when I met her in person a few years ago at the LA Times Festival of Books.




Well, that’s a wrap on this week’s Weekly Chatter. See you next weekend!

LA Times Festival of Books

Nerd alert…nerd alert. I had an amazing weekend. I spent both days on the campus of USC in Los Angeles at the LA Times Festival of Books. And I totally have become someone I’ve often made fun of: an autograph hound. But I was able to see some amazing writers and celebrities talk about their new books and get a couple of autographs to boot.

Last year was my first time attending the festival. We had went up on the second day of the event and I couldn’t believe the accessibility of the writers. I was over the moon getting to meet and greet with Fabio from Top Chef at last year’s festival. This year, for some reason, I got this hair brained idea to apply for a media credential and low and behold…I got one. For being a blogger! Awesome, right? I really had no idea what a credential would get me access to but I went for it anyway. In the end, it got me access to the press room where they had free snacks and free Wifi. I’ll take that. I’m sure I could have used it more to my advantage but I was happy with that. Oh, and priority seating in all the Q&A panels!


My agenda on Saturday was tight. I wanted to see children’s author Marc Brown, season 8 Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio, Beverly Hills, 90210 alum and reality TV star Tori Spelling, and the amazing Judy Blume. The USC campus is big, y’all. And it was hot that day. I was running all over the place and I was able to see and listen to everyone I was there for!


Marc Brown draws the original idea for Arthur


Marc Brown signs "Arthur Turns Green"


Voltaggio on the Cooking Stage


"To Wendy..." Swoon.


Me & Chef Michael Voltaggio


Such a moment for me...I heart Donna Martin!


Tori signing her children's book


Me and Tori - Bucket List item completed!


No posed photos with Judy Blume. Boo.


A great conversation with Judy Blume. She was so candid.

Sunday’s schedule was a little more lax. I definitely wanted to hear the original Skinnygirl Bethenny Frankel talk about her new novel, Skinnydipping, as well as take my little girl over to The Mother Co.’s booth to meet Ruby from Ruby’s Studio. And while I would have loved to get Julie Andrews to sign a book for me, there was just absolutely no way I was going to wait 4+ hours in line for her autograph. That day also featured appearances from Betty White but we didn’t get a chance to make it by the stage where she was being interviewed. Who doesn’t love that Golden Girl?


Bethenny might have dropped a few S-bombs!


Someone was super-duper star struck.


Dame Julie Andrews. One word: Divalicious.

It was such a great weekend. I cannot wait until next year!  And here’s a tip if you plan on attending next year: get the schedule of who will be in attendance (it usually comes out a week in advance) and order the books you want signed from Amazon.  You will pay full retail price for any book at the event.  So save a few bucks and get them ahead of time!

Also, come check out The Trend Tribe on Monday, April 30th where we’ll be giving away an autographed copy of Chef Michael Voltaggio’s VOLT Ink.

Were you at the LA Times Festival of Books? Who’d you see?  If you weren’t there, who’d you like to see at the 2013 event?